Cafe Opening

Well it’s been a long haul the past several months, if you’ve seen we have finally opened a Cafe here in the city!

If you haven’t heard we opened Revolve Cafe here near the farmers market on July 31st, it’s an ever changing cafe with new items consistently changing. Focusing on items like: Poke Bowls, Coffee, Donuts, Kombucha, and so much more!

Our company itself has grown into roasting its own beans but to fill the void until we can expand again bringing in an external supplier to provide our espresso.

So far it has been an enlightening experience figuring out what customers are looking for in a coffee but also balancing that with being able to continue to bring a consistent and flavourful product without losing our brand image.

But overall the expansion has been great and I can’t wait what comes next with Dusty Plains and Revolve.

See you soon team!

Jared Olson