Why Coffee?

One of the most common questions I get while doing events is why coffee Jared? Of all the options you had why pick coffee? Well I am a business major by trade and have been in various roles within finance and accounting but have always wanted to go out on my own and start something I could call my own. 

Over the years I had many different ideas, food trucks, restaurants, real estate, etc. etc. Every time I either didnt have the know-how or the main reason which was capital. As a student I loved coffee and needed it to get me through the days, I eventually found cold brew and started making it myself, additing to smoothies, trying different variants and just really loved it. 

On a recent trip to California I was shopping in a Whole Foods, and saw a fridge full of probably 10-15 different cold brew options, of course i drank probably 6 of them over my stay but absolutely loved them. I then thought why doesn't saskatoon have anything like this? Obviously there are a few coffee shops that do their own but noone that really bottles it. 

Once i got all my ducks in a row i made the decision to pull the plug and start something that I could call my own. 

Its been just over a month now and I cant wait to see what I can do with this, how many more products I can create and the brand I can bring to this prairie region I call home.



Jared Olson