Our Company

Our Company

When starting this company, we looked at the Saskatoon market and thought what easily enjoyed product are we missing from everyday life? Coffee is an ever growing industry and we realized that Saskatchewan consumers didn't have a cold coffee product that was sourced, roasted, and brewed locally, that was readily available for everyday consumption. 

Once we got as far as sourcing our beans locally we found that we needed to find a roaster that matched us in bringing local product to the masses. We came across 33 1/3 Coffee Roasters, they're based out of Regina and ethically source every blend of coffee and even go out of their way to meet the growers in their specific country. 

From here we receive the beans grind them and brew them for 24 hours in cold water before double filtering and bottling for sale. 

Our Team

With cold brew becoming a staple of everyday caffeinated beverages, our founder Jared and his staff are here to bring Cold Brew to the next level in Saskatoon and the province. Cold brew is our main focus and we are here to target your iced beverage needs.  

Jared Olson