A question people tend to ask when buying their coffee is where/how do we get out beans for production? When starting my original search I thought sourcing the beans from the grower would be the best option and well it is. At this stage though working through a co-op who obtains the beans in a fair trade way would be perfect for now. So when trying to find the perfect source I looked high and low and considered a few options, obviously I wanted fair trade beans, but I also wanted locally sourced and roasted ones. I looked at a few options around the province and decided on a company based out of Regina called 33 1/3 Roasters they have their beans being sold mostly in the Regina area but have a few options in other areas across the province. The reason we decided on this was that we know their fair trade and make the effort to know their growers and their product before working with them. Interested in knowing more? Email us at

Jared Olson